Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scrapping and Crafting

Hello all.

I've been doing a lot of scrapping as trying to catch up. I'm working on 2012 and 2013 pictures.  I have mentioned before how I am now doing one pretty layout and then using a plastic picture keeper for additional pictures I want to have in my albums. This is working well and a time and supplies saver. Most scrappers just can't use all their pictures on 'pretty' layouts.. how would one ever keep up?

I want to share a few layouts with you that I have done this year, and please excuse the face blobs. Several people in my life don't want their face on the Internet.  

The scrapbooking site I belong to has challenges. This layout was done
based on the guidelines of a challenge on there. It gave me an
opportunity to use some pretty embellishments in my stash. This picture
is actually from 2012 when Granddaughter brought me flowers. 

 I love going to the ocean and when I spend 2 or 3 days there
I'm a very happy person.  Last May we did just that with our family and I got
some fabulous pictures of the two nights of sunsets we enjoyed. 

Hubby's birthday last summer. We attended a Vintage car show and
then back home for a bbq dinner with the family.  I loooooove 'from the back'
photos and that one of him and granddaughter is just too precious. She
is almost four years old... hard to believe.

 Last week I got together with a few of my crafty friends
and I made Valentine Cards.  I always have fun with 
my girlfriends and when it's combined with crafting
it is a perfect day...  

Well that's it for now...  I have more to share and hope to do so soon.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Lenox Ornament Christmas Tree and a Reminder about Christmas

Hi All.  We just had 1" of snow this a.m. and it's pretty.  The snow makes this Season feel nicer but it will be rain this afternoon according to the weather people.  I can't imagine celebrating Christmas in a warm climate. 

Last year I purchased a small artificial Christmas tree, with lights on it, to use for my Lenox ornaments. I have quite a few of them and they get lost on our big family tree.  About three weeks ago I had my granddaughter (almost 4 now) help me decorate it. She so delicately unwrapped them for me and put them on the tree.  I can never decide what is my favorite ornament is. She decided the angel lady at the top is her favorite one.

When she unwrapped one of the Lenox bells I have she proceeded to sing "Jingle Bells" all the while dancing around the tree.  She loves to perform.  

I learned yesterday that she (duh! on me) doesn't understand what Lenox is.  I guess I didn't explain it to her and will wait until next year.  Yesterday morning I was in her bedroom helping her get dressed for Preschool when she handed me a large 'ornament' and said "Grammy this is a Lenox ornament I made for your Lenox Tree."  Oh be still my heart.  So here I am at the point when I want a Decorator tree, no kid ornaments on it, and she's giving me this beautiful gift.  Yes, it is now on the Lenox Decorator tree and suddenly my favorite. 

I needed that gift of love and reminder from her that Christmas is the spirit of giving and of accepting Love.  Thanks sweetie... 

The Tree as she and I decorated it (shelves weren't decorated yet).

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells"

Granddaughter's favorite:

New 2013 Lenox Ornament:

My new "Lenox" ornament Granddaughter made and gave to me. She hung it yesterday...

Tree now, with my new Favorite Lenox ornament on it... she's a loving/giving girl. 

Good day to you, and Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Cards

Happy December.  I have some internet friends who are trapped in that band of freezing temps right now... I'm thankful for our 22 degrees today. 

I decided to make some Christmas cards (60) this year. I spent two weeks creating with the work space set up in our dining room. Hubby liked that as he could drop in on me easily to see new designs or progress.  

Here are just a few of the designs I created: {I get bored if I make a design more than 4 times}

Most of the cards have a saying heat embossed on the inside also.

I used my Vagabond for embossing designs, my Marvy Heat 'gun' to heat emboss sayings and Christmas trees, Stickles to sparkle areas, and a few Sayings from Hot Off The Press called "Dazzles".  I like Dazzles a lot.


...........A picture of the working space. I confess it got a little messier than this at times. I seemed to have a lot going on. Some days Granddaughter was here and she'd be making a card or something and, mercy, it got messier by the minute. 

What card would you like to receive?  

Thanks for looking and have a great day. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Glass Blowing

I love glass as some of you may know.  We purchased a Groupon to "Blow Your Own Glass" at Rainier Glass Company in Seattle, WA.  That company used to be in Renton, WA and was called Uptown Glass Works. Four of us went: my daughter, son in-law, hubby and I.

The glass studio is in the old Rainier Brewing Company located in a section that used to hold Raves... the walls are graffiti painted. The owner of the glass company decided not to paint over the funky artwork....It is very eclectic.  My daughter notices minute details and pointed out to me that the dog's water bowl was a blown glass bowl. 

Hubby and I made a pumpkin, daughter made a footed bowl and son in-law made a votive candle holder.  

 We could choose up to two colors to use for our creations (that did not include the stem color on the pumpkins). 

 tada: My Pumpkin

Hubby's pumpkin:

Glass Artist Heather was our helper and I'm glad. She talks about
the process while a person is doing it.  In this picture she is helping
me pick up the two colors I choose for my pumpkin. A glob of 
clear glass is already on the pipe. 

That's me with the glass in the glory hole...I'm spinning and spinning it.

Heather works the glass into a ball and I'm doing
the blowing to make it bigger. 

This is what my pumpkin looked like's getting it's green stem here. 

We all enjoyed this experience. Hubby and I are going again in December. 

Have a good day all.